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Chapter 3: Boston Personalism

Pollsters see in terms of broad demographic groups. Big data counts people as if it were counting apples. At the extreme, evolutionary psychology reduces people to biological drives, capitalism reduces people to economic self-interest, modern Marxism to their class position and multiculturalism to their racial one.

Pragmatism vs. personalism: Casey Patterson at TEDxUMD

Consumerism treats people as mere selves — as shallow creatures concerned merely with the experience of pleasure and the acquisition of stuff. Personalism is a philosophic tendency built on the infinite uniqueness and depth of each person. Personalism starts by drawing a line between humans and other animals. Your dog is great, but there is a depth, complexity and superabundance to each human personality that gives each person unique, infinite dignity.

Despite what the achievement culture teaches, that dignity does not depend on what you do, how successful you are or whether your school calls you gifted. Infinite worth is inherent in being human. Every human encounter is a meeting of equals. The first responsibility of personalism is to see each other person in his or her full depth. This is astonishingly hard to do.

Emmanuel Mounier, Personalism, and the Catholic Worker movement

Nearby words personal stylist , personal trainer , personal watercraft , personal-opinion telegram , personalia , personalism , personality , personality cult , personality disorder , personality formation , personality inventory. Examples from the Web for personalism Personalism isolates, separates, him from Nature; converts him from a part into the whole, into an absolute essence by himself.

The Essence of Christianity Ludwig Feuerbach. Complete Prose Works Walt Whitman.

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Personalism and its Relation to the Christian Intellectual Tradition A Conference open to all interested philosophers, including students, teachers, and independent scholars. Sponsored by the M. John F.

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Call for Papers Those wishing to present a paper 25 minutes of reading time should submit a word abstract by March 10, to Dr. Graduate Student Essay Contest This contest seeks to support scholarship on the part of graduate students with a strong interest in personalist philosophy.

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